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Claim Your Cannabis As a Medical Expense

Claiming Cannabis As A Medical Expense

Don’t forget to claim your medical cannabis as a medical expense when you do your 2016 taxes (due on or before April 30, 2017). Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Get Your 2016 Receipts

Most Licensed Producers (LPs) have a section on their websites where you can view your past orders and print your receipts and if you cant afford to pay them, you can get payday loan bad credit. If you can’t find it, please contact your LP directly as it is their legal obligation to provide you with your receipts.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Tax Forms

When you fill out your tax forms, make sure you include the total amount you spent on medical cannabis over the course of the year on your 2016 tax return.

A complete rundown on claiming medical expenses can be found at Canada Revenue Agency’s Website.

For more information, please email info@plantsnotpills.ca or call us directly at 1-844-470-6063

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Russian Wisdom, Anxiety and CBD

Overcoming Conventional Russian Wisdom And Treating Anxiety With CBD

By J. Lehmann

As the daughter of old-school Russians, I was raised to believe that sadness, anxiety and insomnia were simply self-indulgences that resulted from having too much time on my hands. A typical exchange with my mother might go like this:

Me: “I can’t sleep at night and I worry all the time.”

Mom: “You should get a second job. More work and you’ll feel better.”

I’m not putting down my mother’s hardy Russian wisdom. It often proved valuable when it came to child-birthing, skin care and plotting major acts of revenge. But in the arena of mental health, I knew I couldn’t rely on her for guidance.

The disappointment I felt in myself at not being able to control my anxiety probably exacerbated it, and despite a successful career and wonderful relationship, the constant feeling of dread I carried wouldn’t go away. If I could define my anxiety in a single sentence, I’d say it’s the instinct to treat any perceived fear, negative thought or worst case scenario as if it were 100% certain to come true.  From having a panic attack over missing the opening credits of a movie to being convinced that my pilot harbours some terrible secret that will result in our plane going down, I was Chicken Little forever screaming, “The sky is falling!”

On the recommendation of a good friend, I started seeing a therapist. To my surprise, she was reluctant to prescribe Zoloft or Lexapro. Instead, she suggested that I get licensed for medical marijuana and start taking cannabidiol (CBD) oil from legal marijuana shops in california. She recommended me to Plants Not Pill, who got me licensed in less than a week. After doing my research on Licensed Producers, I signed up with CannTrust. Within a few days of taking 25 mg in the morning before bed, I started noticing an internal shift. I wouldn’t call it a numbness as I was still highly functional, but at the risk of sounding cheesy, it felt like what ‘peace of mind’ is supposed to feel like. For the first time in a long time, I’d find myself losing track of time while reading, cooking or going outside. The guilt and worry that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing went away. Get loans from financenut.co.uk for needs. I was no longer stressing about the next item on my to-do list or imagining tragic accidents. Life has become about experiencing the ‘now’ as opposed to ‘what next?’

As for Russian wisdom… while there is something admirable about having an iron will and innate steeliness against adversity, I don’t believe it’s realistic. And even if it were, I think it’s a lot healthier to face life’s challenges with a little CBD.

If you or a loved one would like to start accessing safe, effective medical cannabis then contact Plants Not Pills by clicking here or email info@plantsnotpills.ca. Use the promo code Health17 and take advantage of a $25 discount on all fees associated with licensing.



Why Licensing Will Matter When Legalization Happens

Tax Free Medical Cannabis

Anyone who lives in Ontario understands the burn of having harmonized sales tax (HST) added to nearly every retail purchase. Even when we don’t see the tax, it’s still there. Booze is a perfect example. On top of the LCBO’s significant mark up on imported wines, HST is also added into the price. The result is that what amounts to a $4 bottle of wine in Spain mysteriously turns into a $30 bottle once it hits Canadian shelves. We mention the LCBO because by many accounts (and if Premier Wynne has her way), this is the model the government will implement on recreational cannabis once it is legalized. See more info at monderlaw.com.

On the other hand, medical cannabis under a “Shopper’s Drug Mart” framework will likely be treated as all other medications which by law do not incur any federal taxes. Therefore, medical marijuana license holders may enjoy significant savings in this respect, though in many ways they already do considering they have access to strains for as little as $3,50/gram, compassionate pricing programs and are able to claim their medical marijuana as a tax deductible expense.

Recently, a high profile case has brought up another highly likely scenario: medical marijuana license holders may qualify for partial or even full insurance coverage of their medical marijuana. Imagine…millions of Canadians being able to treat their myriad of health conditions without paying a dime out-of-pocket for their safe, natural medicine…. Now wouldn’t that be something?

If you or a loved one would like to start accessing safe, effective medical cannabis then contact Plants Not Pills by clicking here or email info@plantsnotpills.ca. Use the promo code Health17 and enjoy a $25 discount off all fees associated with licensing.

Plants Not Pills Greatest Hits

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.36.16 PM

At Plants Not Pills there is nothing we love more than hearing from people whose lives have been changed by cannabis therapy. Our patients mean the world to us and we are thrilled they have given us permission to share their stories with our readers. Here are a few of the amazing transformations we’ve been privileged to hear about in the past few months…

“As of today I’ve been pill free for just about 2 years now since a started to stop taking my pill and a full year with no pills at all. I’m down 110 lbs and I have recently moved in with my boyfriend to start the next chapter of my life.  Also, I’m now just met with and occupational therapist who is going to try and work with me to getting back out in the working world. I hope I can help people the way that you help me. I just want to give back. I’m so grateful for all the help and support.” Michelle W.

“I reached out to Plants Not Pills about a year ago, the catalyst being that I was about to embark on a new challenge at work moving to a new role at a multinational company. Though this presented an opportunity for more reward, there is also more risk. That being said, when you have a family and all the responsibilities and pressure that come with it, sometimes you need to step outside of your comfort zone and take those risks. I have always struggled with anxiety and the physical challenges in can bring along with it, insomnia, lack of appetite, shallow breathing, clenching my jaw (which help bring on migraines) all of which only make the anxiety worse and send me down a slippery spiral. When I reached out to you last year I was managing my anxiety with Ativan, and though it would help with the sleep, the anxiety would come rushing back when it wore off.  I was really excited to take on a new challenge and be successful (which helps with my self confidence, which help with my anxiety, etc…) but was concerned with how I would manage all the new pressures at work. As mentioned at the time, I just didn’t think I could manage. I am happy to say that the past year using cannabis instead of prescription drugs has proven to be all we thought it would be. I have not renewed my Ativan prescription in over a year, and I haven’t had a migraine since November. More than that, I am extremely proud of my success at work. I am consistently ranking as one of the performers on my team and am getting ready for another exciting year. As per your recommendation, a strong Indica at the end of the day helps me unwind, think clearer, calmly solve problems and manage my stress. An Indica edible ensures a solid night of rest. I have found some great hybrids and some sativas that are great for my headaches. I attribute much of the success I am having to being able to manage my anxiety better and calmly solve both my personal challenges as well as customer challenges at work.” – Tom D.
“I would like to take this time to bring somethings to your attention about Plants Not Pills. Every since I have started dealing with this clinic I have nothing but amazing things to say. Since the start I have been treated like a friend and not just some patient of the clinic. The staff who answer the phone are so courteous and respectful I am very comfortable to call the clinic no matter the issue. One member I would specifically like to recognize is Kirsten O’Brien. I have dealt with Kirsten with all my issues and she has been more then amazing to deal with. No matter the request Kirsten is on top of it with an answer for me immediately. Every time we have spoke she has been upbeat and positive and just perfect person to deal with. The staff and doctors at this clinic have made it so comfortable for myself and other patients who use your services to access our medication and any advice or help we need in regards to it, an that is something hard to find. From myself I thank you so very much for all you do for me to make this path a easy and fun adventure, and I look forward to the future with Plants Not Pills.  Chris T.
“I have had a few questions throughout this process and I feel I must say that Kristen ( hope I spelled that correctly) is absolutely amazing!!  So nice, helpful, passionate and knowledgeable!!  Between the both of you I honestly feel you are making the lives of sooooo many people better.  I thank you both from the bottom of my heart!!!” Tom M.


If you are a Plants Not Pills patient and would like to share your own Cannabis success story, then please email us at info@plantsnotpills.ca . 



Kicking Anxiety to the Curb with Medical Marijuana


By Daniel C, Toronto, ON.

For me, anxiety doesn’t mean sweaty palms before a company presentation. My anxiety means not taking the subway for crippling fears of terrorism or derailments.  It means avoiding driving or even getting in a car because I’m 99% sure a drunk driver is going to veer into my lane.

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