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Claim Your Cannabis As a Medical Expense

Claiming Cannabis As A Medical Expense

Don’t forget to claim your medical cannabis as a medical expense when you do your 2016 taxes (due on or before April 30, 2017). Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Get Your 2016 Receipts

Most Licensed Producers (LPs) have a section on their websites where you can view your past orders and print your receipts and if you cant afford to pay them, you can get payday loan bad credit. If you can’t find it, please contact your LP directly as it is their legal obligation to provide you with your receipts.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Tax Forms

When you fill out your tax forms, make sure you include the total amount you spent on medical cannabis over the course of the year on your 2016 tax return.

A complete rundown on claiming medical expenses can be found at Canada Revenue Agency’s Website.

For more information, please email info@plantsnotpills.ca or call us directly at 1-844-470-6063

Why Licensing Will Matter When Legalization Happens

Tax Free Medical Cannabis

Anyone who lives in Ontario understands the burn of having harmonized sales tax (HST) added to nearly every retail purchase. Even when we don’t see the tax, it’s still there. Booze is a perfect example. On top of the LCBO’s significant mark up on imported wines, HST is also added into the price. The result is that what amounts to a $4 bottle of wine in Spain mysteriously turns into a $30 bottle once it hits Canadian shelves. We mention the LCBO because by many accounts (and if Premier Wynne has her way), this is the model the government will implement on recreational cannabis once it is legalized. See more info at monderlaw.com.

On the other hand, medical cannabis under a “Shopper’s Drug Mart” framework will likely be treated as all other medications which by law do not incur any federal taxes. Therefore, medical marijuana license holders may enjoy significant savings in this respect, though in many ways they already do considering they have access to strains for as little as $3,50/gram, compassionate pricing programs and are able to claim their medical marijuana as a tax deductible expense.

Recently, a high profile case has brought up another highly likely scenario: medical marijuana license holders may qualify for partial or even full insurance coverage of their medical marijuana. Imagine…millions of Canadians being able to treat their myriad of health conditions without paying a dime out-of-pocket for their safe, natural medicine…. Now wouldn’t that be something?

If you or a loved one would like to start accessing safe, effective medical cannabis then contact Plants Not Pills by clicking here or email info@plantsnotpills.ca. Use the promo code Health17 and enjoy a $25 discount off all fees associated with licensing.

On the Road to Recovery: One Patient’s Journey

Road to Recovery

By Kirsten O’Brien

Recently, a patient of ours shared his story with us. Even though his name has been changed for confidentiality purposes, his story is nonetheless heartwarming and inspiring to anyone suffering from mental illness. The following is an account of a remarkable journey back to recovery told in the patient’s own words.

I was first exposed to street cannabis at an early age. For years, this was my fall back to guide myself through self-medicating techniques. Due to the level of my early childhood traumas, and resulting later in extreme cases of post-traumatic stress, I began to use what I knew as recreational marijuana and other narcotics as self-medicating to relieve some of the symptoms I was experiencing. Since I was on the path to discovering tolerances and alleviating my pains, I had developed a high level of respect and understanding for the plant we all know as marijuana.

At the age of 16, I was first suspected to be in the category of major depressive. Alternatively, my family whom I closely interact with suspected that it was more than depression and seasonal affective disorder.

When I was 18, I was hospitalized. It was suspected that I might fall in the category of schizo-affective disorder. After more trials, tribulations and many many, MANY medications, I found myself in and out of the hospital for no less than a month at a time for the next three years. This is when I had gone under very extensive neurological testing and resulted in my current diagnosis¾ hyper-rapid cycling bipolar as well as borderline personality disorder.

Both during and post-diagnosis, I would rely on cannabis to help in many ways. However, I was always burdened with the guilt and fear of obtaining it by other means. With medical cannabis being more readily available to those that have a prescription, it has been easier and more stress-free than ever to place and receive an order from Unsecuredloans4u. I have never experienced a time where I have been short or without my prescription. If I find myself running low, most times I can place an order and receive it the next day. It is THE safer and more honest way about ordering medical cannabis.

As a result of this bartering for illegal street goods, being constantly disappointed with product and its unreliability, I had entertained the idea of being medically licensed though it always seemed unobtainable. After being guided to Plants Not Pills by my fiancé early this year, I have since regained a tremendous amount of hope for myself. My daily outlook is a lot brighter and I feel even more confident knowing where my medical cannabis is coming from. The consistency that I have received from both Aphria and Mettrum remain very high. Since my prescription has been issued, I have learned to respect my generous dosage and regard it truly as one of my many medications. Since starting with Plants Not Pills, I have been able to reduce and eliminate some of my medications. The patient service teams at Plants Not Pills, Mettrum, Tilray, and Aphria are all highly regarded and the amount of care that all the teams uphold constantly is clearly evident.

Though I am currently on disability and not able to work, I have aspirations of working for a local licensed producer.

Without all the great people at Plants Not Pills, this simply would not be possible for myself and others like me. The service is always pragmatic, understanding, compassionate and honest. They will be able to guide you through all the steps in order to place your first order. Being patient has a huge role in being able to educate yourself from this service that they provide. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is passionate, dedicated, honest, and understanding of how they think that medical cannabis might help them and being open-minded to how the staff and all licensed producers as well as Plants Not Pills can help you. As they grow, we can all grow and strive for brighter days.

Jared B, Toronto ON